4 Thematic Pillars


The Anthropocene

We live in a peculiar era in Earth’s history—one of our own making—the Anthropocene.
Our thermo-industrial civilisation is changing the Earth System in profound ways.
We have created numerous productions to visualise our changing world.

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Globaia | Civilisation

Destination 2100 & Beyond

Can we become a foreseeing species? Or planetary gardeners? If so, how? Science-based targets provide a picture of what our destination ought to be to thrive on a resilient and stable planet—to help our homeworld become more just and safe for all. But we remain deeply unsure as to what the best pathway is to get there, collectively. Yet, we have no choice, do we? The converging socio-ecological crises that we face can only encourage us to coordinate and cooperate at planetary scale and transform ourselves into a regenerative civilisation. This is our task.

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Big History

Big History

Big History tells the story of the Cosmos, Earth, Life and Humanity as they evolve and unfold through space, time and emerging complexity. This is a universal and transcultural thinking framework with a significant potential to strengthen a sense of global citizenship.

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The Ecosphere

What makes our planet host its cosmic jewel—the biosphere? The concept of habitability is central and is defining our collective imprint on the Earth System as we are rendering it less inhabitable. Ecosphere Education is about enhancing ecoliteracy and geoliteracy among youth, general public and policymakers. It is about developing tools to communicate Earth’s cycles, processes, patterns and synergies. It’s about learning about biological diversity and climate.

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