Our mission is carried out through a multitude of strategies and paths, using ever-evolving strategies.


Our content embodies the results of intense efforts to research and synthesize knowledge from disciplines that study the Universe, Earth, Life and Humanity. Over the years, we have developed a tree structure to organize our knowledge by gathering and classifying hundreds of thousands of pieces of data – reports, articles, geographical databases, images and other types of content. Our curiosity is boundless. New avenues of research are continually arising, and we are eager to explore them. Our constant dialogue with researchers contributes to the accuracy of our creation.


Globaïa is dedicated to visual creation and to the visual representation of scientific facts, with a specialization in geographical renderings. We produce short films, illustrations, documentaries, websites, books, mobile applications, never restricting ourselves to a single medium. We seek to desegregate academic knowledge by mixing graphic and film arts with traditional knowledge-sharing disciplines such as Astronomy, Geophysics, Oceanography, Climatology, Biology, Archaeology, History and Humanities.


Our reason for being is to communicate and disseminate, to a wide audience, a unified vision of the world that is rooted in scientific research. Raising awareness about the mutually protective relationship between humans and nature, promoting science and spreading knowledge about the socio-ecological of our time are at the heart of what drives us. It is particularly important for us to share our point of view with young people.