Globaïa was born out of a sense of urgency. A burning desire to understand, to act.

Ours is an era of important diagnoses. Imposing international teams of scientists are working in synergy to understand the underlying trends that are shaping the world our children will inhabit tomorrow. As our understanding of humanity and the biosphere reaches unprecedented quality, several critical thresholds of the earth system are about to be crossed, threatening to catapult us into a radically different world.

We are convinced that a global education, presented from a historical and planetary perspective and aiming at fostering a sense of Earth citizenship and universal responsibility, will contribute to enlightening our choices and creating a more united, fair and sustainable world. This is Globaïa’s chosen approach, at a time of global changes that are influencing the joint destinies of humanity and nature. In this context, Globaïa is making scientific culture accessible to all. Its expertise is dedicated to awareness-raising, to sensitization and to the dissemination of knowledge about the world so that a global, coherent and unified vision may emerge.

Our medium is worldview – vision du monde, in French, cosmovisión, in Spanish, weltanschauung, in German. Each of us has built our own worldview, a patchwork of elements inherited from our education, environment, experiences and the era in which we live. This worldview exists in our subconscious, deeply-rooted inside us and difficult to define. Still, it shapes each of our behaviors, choices and decisions. Along with institutions and technologies, worldviews are powerful tools for those seeking to engineer societal changes.

In spite of numerous indicators of growing public awareness, very few organizations dare to bring together different and complementary realities under the same banner. It is, however, the union of art and science that will engender the most powerful drivers of citizen involvement, adaptation to global changes and adoption of a united, sustainable way of life. This is Globaïa’s purpose.

The Anthropocene has begun. Traversing it as enlightened beings requires exceptional vision.

“But where danger is, deliverance also grows.”  – Hölderlin