Name & Logo



The word Globaïa is a compound word, a word built using parts of others, in this case, “global” and “Gaïa”. In Greek mythology, Gaïa is the goddess or personification of Earth. Her name itself is an ancient compound word, made up of [Ge], from the Sumerian word for “earth” and [Aia], from the Indo-European word for “grandmother”. From the name Gaïa, we retain the organic, emotional relationship that we must rebuild with Earth. The word global adds a more integrative and modern touch, a nod to the roundness of the Earth, a fact that remained unknown to our ancestors.


The “o” is a blue marble, paying tribute to a famous picture of Earth taken during the Apollo 17 mission, in December 1972. This beautiful image of our planet, seen in its entirety for the first time, has influenced generations and its publication corresponds with the awakening of the global environmental movement. The two lines on the marble mark the Equator and the polar circle, as a reminder that the energy of the Sun is unevenly distributed on Earth, shaping its climate and determining its biosphere.