Mission & Goals

mission goals

Merging arts and science, Globaïa is dedicated to fostering awareness among citizens by promoting the emergence of a global vision of our world and of the great socioecological challenges of our time.

Its primary objectives are:

  1. To promote a global, unified and meaningful vision of our world through the exploration of three main themes:
    • The Anthropocene, or Earth’s global change;
    • The Ecosphere, or the Earth System;
    • Big History, or the evolution of the cosmos over the last 13,8 billion years;
  2. To create and broadcast accessible and appealing works, merging scientific syntheses and visual arts, to raise awareness about our globalized world and about the critical planetary challenges of our time;
  3. To harvest and mobilize the potential of the arts to support a scientific and humanistic culture for all;
  4. To collaborate with social actors of all disciplinary and geographical horizons who share the same ideals and values, to contribute to the awakening of a planetary awareness;
  5. To be a positive agent of change by promoting citizen involvement, adaptation to global change and adoption of sustainable, fair and democratic lifestyles.