Historical Background

historical background

Globaïa, a non-profit organization, was founded in 2009 by Félix Pharand-Deschênes. At first, its operations were focused around conferences on themes related to the Earth System and global change, aimed at schools and colleges, government agencies and Équiterre’s conference service, among others. These conferences made their mark by the visual support materials that Félix had created, of outstanding visual quality, and by their global, humanistic and scientific approach.

Having developed a strong expertise in visual material creation, Globaïa starts developing new tools of communication aimed at raising awareness about global change. In 2011, the Anthropocene becomes one of Globaïa’s main themes. The Cartography of the Anthropocene, published on Globaïa’s website, is noticed by many prestigious and influential medias, and becomes viral on the Internet and in social media. Globaïa then begins its international career.

In 2012, following the success of the imagery of the Cartography of the Anthropocene, the important international conference Planet Under Pressure, in London, commissions a short film and a website on the subject, The posters and the promotional materials for the conference also largely rely on the images produced by Globaïa. After the launch of the conference in March 2012, the film Welcome to the Anthropocene makes an outstanding mark on the Internet: it gets more than 700 000 views within its first three months online. It is then presented at the opening of the largest United Nations conference to date, Rio+20: Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General, presides the presentation. Since, the film has been translated to 8 languages and was seen by over a million people on the web, an exceptional performance for scientific communication work.

In 2013, Globaïa maintains its momentum with a very prolific year. After releasing the short film Water in the Anthropocene, for the international conference of the same name that was held in Germany in May 2013, the organization produces the short film An Urbanizing Planet, narrated by Edward Norton. The film companions the website, also produced by Globaïa, to mark the launch of an important United Nations report on cities and biodiversity. In November 2013, Globaïa launches its fourth short film, Climate Change: the State of the Science, for the launch of IPCC’s 5h assesment report on climate change. The film is an instant success on line: more than 600,000 people have seen it so far.

Globaïa’s images are also regularly published in prestigious scientific publications, newspapers, magazines, books and museums.