About us


Globaïa is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 in Québec, Canada.

Our role is to raise awareness among citizens and society concerning the global changes that characterize the era we live in. We are determined to become an incubator for new representations of the world, adapted to today’s socio-ecological realities. We are committed to transforming and unifying perceptions to reinforce our collective ability to overcome the obstacles created by the excesses our civilization enjoys. Our work is based in the sciences of the Universe, Earth, Life and Humanity.

Collectively, we, as humans, are currently experiencing a third phase of intensification of our influence on the earth system. Following the invention of agriculture and the Industrial Revolution, the rapid post-war ‘acceleration’ has continued to radically transform the face of our planet over the past 60 years. These profound metamorphoses affect the environment, cultures, climates and species, as well as our imagination and subconscious.

Standing at the crossroads of art and science, Globaïa is involved in research. The organization designs and broadcasts tools and works of art, always keeping visual expression at the forefront, as an additional means to understand the main environmental and social stakes of our time.

Humanists and Universalists, we ultimately hope to bring a sense of peace in the relationships that connect humans to each other and to our planet.